Sending Images To Snapzilla

To send an image from Second Life to Snapzilla, do the following

  1. Click the Snapshot toolbar button
  2. Click the Send Via Email option.
  3. Put in for the address to send to (or the group email if you have a Snapzilla group).
  4. Put the title of the image in the Subject line. You can also edit the title later.
  5. Put the description for the image in the box below the Subject line. The description can also be edited later.
  6. Click Send. It will take a moment, then it will confirm the email was sent

It will take a few minutes for the image to appear on Snapzilla. These steps are for the official Second Life viewer. If you are using a third party client, the steps may vary slightly.

Uploading Images From Second Life

To upload an image to Snapzilla, do the following>/p>

  1. Click Upload on the navigation bar (you must be signed in to see the option)
  2. Click Add Files and select the file or files to upload. You can upload multiple files at once.
  3. A preview of the image or images will be shown, along with a box to specify a title for each image.
  4. When ready, click on Start Upload to upload all images, or Start next to each image to upload it.
  5. Once the upload completes, there will be a Click to View link that will take you to the image page on Snapzilla.

Note: Only .jpg and .png images are supported, and the image must comply to the terms of use.

Editing Image Details

You can easily edit the details of your image, such as the title and description. Simply click on the title or the description (or the word Empty if there is no description) and you will get an edit box. Update the title or description and click on the blue checkmark to save (or the x to cancel). Examples of both are shown below

Contact Support

If you need assistance, send an email to You can also send a notecard in Second Life to Cristiano Midnight.