I was wandering around the Blue Galaxy sim, when I came across an area that stood out from the rest. It seems that specular maps was used here! =O It's only the third time I encounter materials, during my travels, so I took a good look! =)

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  • Dog Pluto
    2/26/2014 6:48:28 AM
    Wow, I'm going to have to see this for myself. I don't know what "specular maps" are but I'm going to find out.
  • Matthew Kidomen
    3/1/2014 10:35:44 AM
    Note to self: This is a "must go see." Exploration mode in commencing. (Finds by my fellow Snapzilla adventurers are so much better than the Destination Guide.)
  • Natsuki Morigi
    3/1/2014 7:18:10 PM
    This is very true Matthew, Snapzilla photographers are my destination guide too. Lovely photo Icy
  • IcyMoon Vavoom
    3/1/2014 7:26:43 PM
    Thank you, Matthew and Natsuki! =) I'm happy to share, and I often visit places after having seen someone's pictures on Snapzilla. It's a great way of discovering new locations!